Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Approach

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

We learn every day from the day we are born. As kids, much of what we learn is belief – what we think is true. As adults, we naturally get trapped in these beliefs such that it’s difficult to see another perspective. As corporate citizens, our collective potential suffers.

The goal of our DE&I program is to help us systematically challenge what we think we know. It fosters a mindset of curiosity and growth by highlighting unconscious bias, exposing different views and encouraging courageous conversations.


more about ourselves and each other
beliefs and bias holding us back
the behaviors and actions most likely to move our business forward


Our Focus

Reinforcing Change


Employee Engagement

Fostering a culture that encourages every employee to bring their authentic self to work

Talent Development

Expanding recruiting practices and commitments; retaining and developing top, diverse talent

Community Partnerships

Purposefully developing corporate partnerships; actively engaging in our communities, with an increased focus on Social Justice reform



“The more we challenge ourselves to continually reexamine our own perceptions and behaviors, the stronger we will be.”

Jonathan Thomas, CEO



Our Business Resource Groups

Diverse Perspectives

From training to company-wide discussions, social responsibility has risen to the top. That includes employee-led business resource groups—comprised of individuals who share common characteristics or experiences, along with their allies. These nurture an inclusive workplace through open dialogue and facilitating learnings for everyone. 

Women's Initiatives and Allies


Accelerates change by engaging, inspiring and developing our female colleagues. Strives to impact business performance and establish our firm as a place where women thrive.

Veterans and First Responders


Invites everyone to “continue the mission” by championing our vets and first responders and joining them in community service. Promotes managerial effectiveness, leadership development and communication.

New, Changing Careers and Returning Workers


Enables progress among those just starting out, changing careers or returning to the workplace. Provides opportunities for career development, community involvement and networking.

Employees of Color


Encourages authenticity among different minorities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Links their work with internal and external communities, and currently supports three chapters: Black, Asian, and Latinx Employees.



Fosters an inclusive environment for LGBTQ colleagues, and their family members and community. Ensures LGBTQ employees feel safe, welcome and valued in the workplace.

Corporate Partnerships